Saturday, March 26, 2011

31 reasons to get excited!

For the month of April, we are partnering with 31 consultant, Mandie Metier, a fellow Henan mom.  She is donating all of her commission sales (25% of every order!) to HKI!  That is Huge folks!  With most fundraisers, we receive 10%- so let's take advantage of this!

If you are not familiar with 31...

Go here for a peek!  This is not Mandie's particular site-- just a general catalog. SO DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS LINK!

And the April deal?  Spend $31 and get the All in One organizer for $9.00

DO NOT ORDER YET!!!  Mandie's site for HKI won't be open until this Friday.  But be prepared!!!!  Think Mother's Day, baby showers... These bags rock (I know, I have a few!!!)

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  1. Yay, so excited! I can't wait to add some to the ones I already own myself!