Saturday, February 12, 2011

who likes a giveaway?

As I mentioned earlier, we raised more than what I originally posted.

And I have you procrastinators to thank! (you know who you are!)

We raised a grand total of $600!!

And I am so excited to see what we can do with that money.

And Kim over at Wheat and Wildflowers just rocks. And I hope you'll continue to bless her and her business in the future.

And as a special thank you from her to y'all, she donated these lovelies for me to giveaway.

And while I could wait until March or April to give these away.
I'm just not patient like that.

I know you'll be elatedunderstand.

And please excuse my pathetic jewelry photographing skills. I'm much better with people.

This is the "Love Changes Lives" necklace with a twist- the disc itself is stamped.

And then I know you're all gonna love this one:

It's literally a one of a kind necklace. It comes with a Jade charm and an itty bitty heart charm.

And all you have to do is leave a comment to this post.

That's it.

And on Monday night (8 PM MST), for Valentine's Day, there will be two very happy people.

And that just puts a smile on my face!


  1. LOVE them!! Very special necklaces!

  2. How fantastic $600 was raised! These necklaces are great!

  3. Love the necklaces! What a great giveaway!!

  4. They are both darling. Thanks for not being able to save things! We all understand!!!!

  5. And I have someone special from the province.

  6. LOVE them! I also love my wo ai ni necklace and get lots of compliments! :)

  7. Oh, that would just make my month! :) So great you raised that much money!

  8. What a coincidence! I happen to have a HenanCutie at my house! Just got my necklaces in the mail today.

  9. I love my Henan Cutie and I received so many compliments at CNY party last night on my necklace last night. I can't wait to pick something out for mother's day!

  10. That's awesome about the amount of money
    raised! Love the giveaway and REALLY LOVE the Henan Cutie!!

  11. OOOO, pick me, pick me!!! I especially LOVE the Henan Cutie one!!!

  12. Both are so cute. I really love the Henan Cutie. Hoping I get picked.

  13. I ordered a wo ai ni necklace, but today I think probably lost it since I let my little Henan Cutie wear it. Now she is quick to tell me "mine" when showing it to anyone :0) Maybe I can swap if I win the Henan cutie? lol

  14. Our Henan cutie loves bling!

    So happy to hear about the successful fundraising! Thanks Emily!

  15. The Henan cutie charm is awesome. Natalie would love it.

    $600 is great. Can't wait to hear how it helps.

  16. How awesome you raised that much money. LOVE both the necklaces!!