Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We are up and running!

Just in time for the New Year of the Rabbit, our blog is ready for action! I first want to thank Alexis (her button is on the sidebar) who designed the blog for me. I have worked with her for almost 2 years now and if you are looking for someone fantastic and affordable to design your blog- she's your gal!

Alexis designed a special header since she had so many cute pictures to work with. The header (the title bar with the 3 pictures) will rotate randomly between 6 different headers. So hit "refresh" over and over until you see the 6 different headers!!!!! Thank you ALL for submitting pictures of your beautiful children!!!

First-- if you would like your blog listed on our sidebar-- please email it to me!

If you have received your TA, let me know so that I can list your blog in our "In China" section!

I will be having a giveaway later this week (it will be the heart HKI necklace from Wheat and Wildflowers). Details to come- But it will involve being a follower of this blog, and posting about this blog on yours!!!!

But here's what I want right now!!! I want pictures of how you are celebrating Chinese New Year this week! Here's what I need:

1. Pictures of your kiddos in their cute Chinese clothes (please label who is who!)
2. Pictures of what you and your family do to celebrate
3. Books you read for Chinese New Year (I'd like to create a resource for others!)

Everything must be emailed to me (emadcox@qwest.net) no later than Sunday, February 6th!!!

So make like a rabbit and take some GREAT pictures!!!!!!

And stay tuned-- I have LOTS to share this week!!!!

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  1. Hands down! Our favorite Chinese tale is Tiki Tiki Tembo!!!!! Catey is doing Chinese New Year with the Pufpaffs on Thursday, so we might have some VERY blond New Year Pictures for you! We are hoping to try our hand (for the first time...even though I have been married to my Chinese husband for TWENTY years!) at making Chinese food! We will send pix!