Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gotcha..the 1st Edition

Cindy Coonce and I travelled together for 10 long months before we ever met. We picked our AnYang cuties off the online Waiting Child list back in the summer of 2009 and somehow found each other shortly thereafter. I can remember us emailing each other while waiting for the beloved 797-C, comparing our LID dates, our LOA dates, and so on. And I vividly remember us standing at the entrance to the Henan Registration office watching our kids make their late grand entrance. So here are Cindy's pictures of Channing from that day and also several of one of her other daughters:

Anticipation! Big brother was so amazing to his new little sister, such a big helper the whole trip

Channing walking in, with a bounce in her step! We were in love at first sight!

Chloe and Averi, sisters at last! Such a blessing to travel with my 4 yr old back to China for her new little sister.

Chloe's gotcha moment with Mommy and sister Averi.

And here are the Eatons:

- When we arrived there was no one there. We were surprised when they walked out of the office after a minute with our An Qi. We didn't have the camera ready so a friend scrambled to take some pictures of our first moments together. She was serious for a little bit but warmed up quickly.

Cheerios sure helped to smooth the transition!

Toys didn't hurt either. Stacking cups were a hit! Anyone waiting has got to take some.

Didn't take long and Kara was playing with Daddy and the toys.

And the Dahls:
March 1st will be their 1 year anniversary of their son, Alex's, Gotcha Day!! Which reminds me-- when it hits your 1 year-- please send me their gotcha day and current photo-- would love to post them and celebrate with you!

Our second trip was very different than the first, only 4 families and we got to see something of China other than Guangzhou! When we walked into the building in Zhengzhou we were told there were 2 babies already there and one of them was ours(from Luohe)! As I am frantically handing cameras to whoever was near, I see this tiny bundle with huge cheeks being carried towards us.
Where's Syd?
Is someone taking pictures?
Wow! After almost 4 years I'm a mommy of 2!
He's beautiful!
How are his feet?

He couldn't crawl, he could barely sit up on his own, and he had the most fantastic smile. Still does. After 2 days he was crawling everywhere and boy did he babble! On March 1 it will be a year since this day, it feels like yesterday.

And here are the Dahls on their first adoption trip for their daughter, Sydni:

6 hours after landing in Guangzhou (we were at the White Swan our entire trip, Syd is from MaoMing, Guangdong Prv.) we were bused to the Civil Affairs Office with 16 other families. We saw Sydni Huan Tiao as the nanny was holding her in the door way feeling relieved, excited and scared all at once.
When she was placed in our arms I couldn't believe how tiny she was in her huge Teletubbies sweatshirt. When we held her, her little arms and legs were straight out so she wouldn't have to touch us and she did that for about 6 months. We got some smiles from her, but she was pretty much shut down emotionally.

So send 'em in people!!!! Lovin' it!

And a little tease...
We didn't raise $529.50 with the necklaces.

We raised more.
And Kim sent me a few special ones... unique ones... to give away.


  1. Love all the Gotcha pictures! All I can do is dream about our Gotcha day but it's coming soon.
    Can't wait to share our pics with you too!! :-)

  2. Totally agree about the stacking cups.We didn't bring any, but someone had them by the pool and we had a small break through with Suhn because of them.

    Love seeing the gotcha day photos, great idea Emily!