Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I'll admit it.

This is a selfishly driven request.

I love looking at gotcha day photos.

Something about the mixture of pure joy, love, and months/years of waiting to meet this new child so evident on the parents' faces.

And the look of fear or joy on the children's faces just tears at my heart.

Tell me I'm not alone.

That I'm not some freakish' woman stalking others' blogs to get a glimpse of that life-changing moment.

So here's what I want. I want your gotcha day photos. With a who, a when, and a brief "what in the world was it like" caption.

And I'll kick it off...

Here I am back in June 2010 getting my first glimpse of our Noah.  He was from AnYang -- the last orphanage to arrive.  We had been staring at his referral picture for 10 long months before we finally got to see him in person!
An excited big sister!
This would be the last smile we would see for over 3 weeks... He wasn't a big fan of us for awhile!

Our gotcha day with Ben was pretty miraculous.  We were told he was in near kidney failure and might die before we get there.  We went from having our 797C stuck at USCIS to being in Henan within 21 days.  We became the first Hague family! (And Ben wasn't in kidney failure-- they mis-diagnosed him.  He had bi-lateral hydronephrosis, a condition that can be easily corrected with surgery.)
Even though we adopted him on his 2nd birthday-- he was developmentally a newborn as he had had little-no human contact for over a year.  He couldn't eat, walk, or talk and had many disturbing habits that he had acquired to deal with being left alone.

And Amy isn't from Henan (she's from AnHui-- next door) but this is my favorite Gotcha picture of her:

She was absolutely terrified and hung on to me for dear life.

So if you'd like to share... email me your pictures and captions! We'll do this all week!


  1. Thanks for sharing Emily!

    Since I am the other Mama shedding "tears of joy" with you for our AnYang sweeties in this post, I'll send you our gotcha pictures too, of both Channing from AnYang and our Chloe from Heilongjiang.

  2. Oh I'm excited to see these! I, too, totally blog-stalk looking for those sweet moments. I can't wait to have my own! :)

  3. Where do we email the gotcha day info?