Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gotcha--round 4

Here are two families that travelled with us back in June/July of 2010:

Michele and Jim Burke with their newest son, Keenan (I hope I spelled that right, Michele!)

And here are the Kaebs, Kory and Meg, with their precious little one, Suhn:
We met Suhn for the first time on an insanely hot and humid day in June. We waited with 15 other families for our first sight of her. Chaotic, doesn’t even begin to describe it… but in a good way. We couldn’t wait to see her; she was not so thrilled with us and finally cried herself to sleep in our arms. It was an emotionally draining day/week/month for all of us, but truly amazing as well!"

And here is Ron and Vickie's AMAZING adoption story:

"We adopted our Chloe in 2009 at the old building in Henan. (picture is her and her little sis Kat, from GuangXi)

I will never forget that "old building" since that is where I learned my new daughter had 2 brothers left behind in the orphanage. I could have dropped through the floor and not been as shocked as I was on Feb 23, 2009.

I traveled alone to get Chloe and was the only family adopting at the time with our agency. We were the agency's first Hague family. Probably a good thing because when I learned of her brothers on Adoption Day I was a MESS for days afterwards. Totally in shock.

Fast forward 14 months and guess what---- May 2010 brought those brothers on home. To be her brothers forever.

The boys came to our hotel, a bit different than the "old building" but no less special to see them reunited with their sister and knowing they were coming to us to become our sons. Chase (tall one) and Chance (Chloe's twin)
The Min sibs are from XinYang, Henan."

Wow. I just love that story.

Keep 'em coming guys!!!

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