Friday, February 11, 2011

Gotcha-- the 3rd Edition

Ahhh here's another family lucky enough to get to experience Henan's first Adoption Affairs office.. and brave that elevator!!! Here are the Wecotts and their way adorable Mason back in February of 2009:

We met Mason at that small office in Zhengzhou in Feb 2009. He arrived just a few minutes after us. When he arrived I had my back to him as I was preparing gifts, paperwork and getting out the camera. My husband noticed him first. He was pretty shut off for a couple days after gotcha. I got a smile out of him on day two and a laugh by day three. As you know, those are long days with a scared toddler.

The McIntires just travelled back in November/December 2010 to bring home Brynn:

Frankly I need more, people-- so send 'em in!!!!

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