Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gotcha-- the 2nd Edition

Here are Stephen and Amy Hill meeting their daughter Natalie for the first time:

And here's Tara meeting her Caden. This guy has a special place in my heart!

Now most of the families have only seen this beautiful, clean large room at the new Henan Registration office. But it wasn't always so posh! If you adopted in 2008 or earlier send in your photos of that oh-so-lovely run down building. You know-- the one that was under construction with the scary elevator? And the room that fit about 6 people comfortably- so everyone else had to wait in the hall?

Do these bring back memories?? The families who went in 2008 and earlier were pioneers I tell ya!
This was before Yisha had a reliable assistant like Rita- and the woman Yisha had hired to bring us to the office (we had to walk) got us lost and we ended up walking around the city of Zhengzhou for 45 minutes and we were late meeting our kids. We then did our adoption photos at the 7-11 and walked (carrying heavy children!) back to the hotel. Yes, we roughed it!

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  1. Brings back memories. We adopted our son from Henan in 2008, I remember meeting him in the hallway where half the lights didnt even work. But it was a day to treasure! Soon we will be back to get our two newest sons from Henan, so we will get to see the new digs:)