Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anyang, LuoHe, Kaifeng...

The list of Henan orphanages goes on. And I'd like to personalize those names.
So I'd like to do something here. I'd like to collect pictures from each orphanage in Henan.

I'd like to do a post for each SWI, so please send me any pictures you have (especially if you were lucky enough to visit!) Also-- would like to connect families together through their orphanage-- who knows-- maybe you can all brainstorm together and raise funds for your children's orphanage!! Please label your pictures to help me organize them, and especially if you visited your child's SWI-please include ANY insights you might have. I think this will all be so valued by those still waiting to travel. Go ahead and email me at info@henankids.org


  1. i will send along what i have when i get home. we were not permitted to go inside but i have a photo of the outside (and some of the inside that were sent to me through volunteers)...

  2. I would love photos of AnYang, as we were not able to visit. I have so many pictures of my daughter's orphanage and city, but nothing for my son from AnYang...
    Great idea!

    Kim O

  3. I have a Video that we asked for and got of our son playing at his orphanage (the child welfare institute). I might be able to send it to you on a DVD or thumb drive.


  4. Our daughter was originally in XinXiang, but actually spent the majority of her time in a Beijing foster home. We did not have the opportunity to visit her orphanage and don't really feel very connected to that actual location since she only spent 3 months there.