Tuesday, February 1, 2011

$4,000 can't buy happiness...

but it CAN buy a lot of bouncy chairs and diapers! Here is just a peek at what we did with all that money:

1. Happy, Bouncy babies! AnYang did not have enough bouncy chairs for their babies, so this how the babies spent their days before we raised money for them:

And here are the babies now!

XinXiang also needed bouncy chairs, and here they are!

We also purchased a lot of diapers- both cloth and disposable for the Hepatitis babies. And here are some of the cutest, driest little ones from LuoHe!!

Personally, looking at those cute little faces does not
help me not start another adoption!

Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures and bought calendars-- you helped these projects happen! Please continue to take great pictures-- I want to raise over $6,000 this year!!!!


  1. Excuse me, I don't want to sound stupid, but how is putting the babies all separated in chairs they cannnot touch each other or move around or try to sit up better than being on a mattress together. The first picture looks a lot warmer and more friendly, with one child sitting up by himself, warm mattress, cushioned flooring, a bar on the wall to help them pull themselves up, they can roll over and touch the other babies and better look at them. How is putting them isolated in a chair that holds them in one position (even with toys which probably get stale pretty fast) better? Please prove me wrong. thanks!

    mama to a boy, now 5, adopted at 22 mos from Jiaozuo SWI, Henan, in 2007

  2. I'm so glad I don't have to be there to pray for those faces. I WANT to touch each little precious baldish head and pray God's blessing on them. Adorable!... and God has good plans for each one.

  3. Hi Leanne! In a perfect world, there would be a nanny holding each child- but in Henan especially- the orphanages are very understaffed. The bouncy chairs provide a different position for the babies- instead of lying down all the time (and thus creating the flat back of the head we are so familiar with). They are also contained and protected from harming themselves (i.e. rolling all over and crawling unsupervised-- again- remembering that there may be a 20 babies to 1 nanny ratio!!) AnYang does not have an LOCC room- a Lily Orphan Care Room-- where the ration is more like 2 babies to 1 nanny- where babies can crawl and explore more. Ideally- again-we want EVERY SWI to have an LOCC- and even more so- we would love for every child to have 1 on 1 attention- hence why we are wanting as many kids into the foster care program. The condition of the orphanages before CCAI got involved was so sad-- my son Ben was in isolation--literally-- for 18 months-- no human love or touch-- we have come so far in how SB kids are being treated in these SWIs. I know having them in bouncy chairs is not ideal-- but we must also remember that 1 nanny may have to care for 10-12 crawling babies! I do hope this answers your question- sorry if I rambled!

  4. i meant SN (special needs!) not SB!!!