Thursday, September 18, 2014

Update--- it's about time!

Sorry for the lack of posts here, but it's not due to a lack of activity with HKI, but just a relocation of where I post.  If you are on Facebook, please make sure to join our Henan Kids International group-- that is where I post all of our information now as it is easy, quick, and I can respond to people easier!

Some announcements:

1.  Calendar.  Right now, we only have about 20 families participating in this-- which equates to maybe about 40 calendars being sold, which means raising only about $400.  For the amount of effort and time  I put into this, that's just not enough.  The deadline for picture submission (email to ME) is October 1.  On that day-- if we don't have at least 60 families participating, we won't do a calendar this year.

And just FYI--  October 1 is sooner than you'd think-- like 12 days away!

2.  Headbands and Pillowcases Fundraiser.  If you're on our FB group- you know we've raised almost $1000 selling custom made pillowcases…

These are just a small sampling-- my mom has made over 50!

And headbands that are reversible…

On Facebook, search for "Headbands for Henan"

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pictures Needed

Josh is headed to Henan in a few weeks to renew CCAI's contract with Henan.  During his speech, he'd like to have a slideshow presentation playing with pictures of kids adopted from Henan.

I need these ASAP as I must mail it to him Monday.

Email me (1 picture per child) with the name of their orphanage to me by Saturday.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ready to ship

Our HKI socks are here and ready to ship!  Any orders placed already will be mailed out tomorrow...  Order fast for Christmas as certain sizes are dwindling in our inventory!

Here's the 1 inch cuff..

China is on the cuff with a white heart over Henan.  This is my personal favorite style-- so comfortable.

And here is the 2.5 inch cuff..

This one has the CCAI logo on it.

We got these socks for $5 each- so $7 from each pair sold will go to HKI projects..

Share with your friends, runners, bikers and just normal folks-- these socks are not cotton, so no stinky smelly, sweaty feet!

Friday, November 8, 2013

only ONE more week!

HKI mom, Amy Rankin painted these beautiful art pieces...

At the CCAI gala in September, they were going for TWICE as much as the asking price.

Can you say bidding war?

{I know, I was a casualty of said war}

She has made a limited number of these and will be donating 30% of what she makes to HKI.

there are 6x6 canvas pieces and 3x3 canvas magnets.

Tis the season.

Get your merry on and go order  HERE

Monday, November 4, 2013

Gift shopping AND helping those in need!

Our DeFeet running/cycling socks are ready for pre-order.  They are in production right now and we'll have them ready to ship in 2 weeks.  This is our first run- and the only color available are the black/red combo as you see on the right.  We will experiment with other colors in later runs.

We are also blessed to have Amy Rankin, an HKI mom share her talent with us and create these beautiful pieces of art..

There are 3x3 canvas magnets and 6x6 canvas wall hangings.

I will say this--- at our CCAI gala in September, there was a bidding war over her art work, and it sold for more than twice the asking price.

There is a limited number of each piece available, and Amy is donating 30% of the proceeds to HKI.

Go HERE to order yours!

Another site that has wonderful products that helps adoptive families and artisans in China is The Scarlet Thread

Where you can buy some beautiful gifts...

Christmas ornaments


More ornaments


Scarlet Thread is not associated with HKI nor do we receive any money from them-- it is a great business with a heart for giving back to China.

So start your shopping early and help some great causes while doing so!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Why I won't stop asking you to help

Every year I revisit the organizations that I'm involved with.

What do I need to quit?

What is making me too busy?

Is this truly important?

And over the years, I've stopped volunteering in some areas, not because the organization was bad, but because it was not something about which I was PASSIONATE.

But HKI stays.

Because I 100% truly stand behind what we are about:

Helping those who can't help themselves.

Speaking out for those who can't advocate for themselves.

Helping these kids one calendar, one pair of socks, or one painting at a time.

Because with every dollar we raise, we can provide these orphanages with the tools they need to care for these kids better.

But how do you know what they're buying?  

What about misuse of money?

This is how we work:

Orphanages contact Xia Zhong directly about needs they have and exactly how much it would cost.  Because she visits the orphanages regularly, she knows their needs as well.  If she agrees with their need, she then asks me if HKI would like to pay for that.  She then wires that amount to the orphanage. The director then buys the items and takes pictures of not only the items, but the receipts as well and emails them to Xia, who then emails them to me.

We have 3 boys from 3 different orphanages in Henan.

Matthew received excellent care in an LOCC and was a thriving, happy boy when I first met him over a year ago.

Ben and Noah were not so fortunate.  Ben was one of the first ones to have their files ready back in the summer of 2008,

and because of his Hep B status, he suffered severe neglect, the effects of which I can still see in him today.  Noah also suffered from neglect.

I know some of you have also experienced what happens when your littles ones weren't cared for due to lack of care.

The more we can come along side the orphanages and help provide chairs, toys, medical equipment, diapers for Hep B babies, formula, mosquito nets, paint, education, hopefully the less this will occur.

Sympathy is never enough.

We need to be active:

Sponsor a child

Buy a calendar

Buy some socks

Buy a piece of art

Talk to your church-- this is National Adoption Month-- Orphan Sunday is coming up- ask for a special collection to be taken for HKI, have the Children's Ministry collect offering for HKI

Have a garage sale for HKI

Talk to others about adoption-- SPECIAL NEEDS ADOPTION

Let's meet the need that is out there.  If you're waiting for a referral, are you meeting the need that is there or are you waiting for your desire to be met?  Remember adoption is not about us, but about them.

I'd like to challenge you all to not just celebrate the fun holidays of your child's birth country, but to  give back.  Look back.

Was your child sponsored?

Give back.

  Was your child in an LOCC?

Give Back.

Nothing will ever change in Henan orphanages unless we DO something.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Henan Projects

AnYang, Zhengzhou, Zhoumaidin, and Kaifeng asked for more infant chairs...

And as those of you who adopted before know--- these little ones need all the chances they can get to work on their core strength.  Two of my boys came home unable to sit up-- even though they were 2 years old-- so providing these chairs for the kiddos is huge.

 Praying that some of your cuties are in these pictures-- if they are let me know and I'll email them to you! I know what it's like to wait and to scour pictures in the hopes of seeing your little one!

 Oh the cuteness...

This is just one small example of what we do with the money we raise-- making these kids' lives just a little better until you go over there to bring them home.